6 Tips for Generating Personal Injury Leads For Attorneys

When your firm needs new clients, the process may seem downright daunting. Personal injury leads may not always be easy to come by, especially if you are in a competitive area. Peruse these six tips on personal injury leads for attorneys that convert into quality cases.

  1. Develop Your Law Firm Brand

Law firms that spend time developing their brand have a better chance of landing the type of cases that generate more income. To align your firm to find those personal injury leads that will convert to higher-value cases, you must stand apart from those around you. Develop a plan to get your firm name out in the community in a positive way. Whether you have the money for large marketing campaigns or not, there are ways you can make a name for yourself. Community service is a great way you can be seen as a service provider to those in the area, it costs nothing but time, and there are plenty of opportunities out there. While branding may not generate many direct personal injury leads for attorneys, it will go a long way in your converting the leads you do get, increasing your referral base, etc.

  1. Concentrate on Your Law Firm’s Website

With the nature of technology in the current age, online campaigns are becoming more and more essential for lead generation. Your online presence starts with a quality law firm website. Your firm page needs to be engaging, positive and informational. Many people looking for a personal injury attorney may land on your page but lose interest and move on to the next firm. To get those potential clients to stick around and engage, create topical but easy-to-read blogs. Make sure the topics are centered around the type of cases you want to handle. You also need to ensure that someone who may be interested in your firm can contact you right there through the webpage. Make online forms and portals easily accessible and quick to fill out.

  1. Find Your Niche Within Personal Injury Leads For Attorneys

Filtering through personal injury leads for attorneys may be time-consuming, especially if you are not certain of the cases you want to target. Personal injury law spans a variety of case topics, some of which you may not have any interest in pursuing for a variety of reasons. The most common topics include

Once you choose your niche, you can further hone in on the most desirable cases in that arena. If you want to focus on automobile accidents, does this include truck accidents? Once you know the answer, you can better sift through the leads you do get. Consider allying with other personal injury attorneys who specialize in the cases you do not. This way, you can filter any relevant leads their way, and they, in turn, will do the same for you.

  1. Establish Relationships With Medical Professionals in Your Area

As a personal injury attorney, your clients are going to need medical care at some point in the process. Without an injury, there is no claim. Thus, forming relationships with medical providers may grant you access to personal injury leads. When a provider sees a patient who was injured by someone else’s negligence, the medical professional may be able to send that person your way. Conversely, when you have a client who needs medical care, you can refer him or her to the appropriate provider type with whom you have a relationship. Professionals such as chiropractors, urgent care practitioners, and physical therapists may prove vital to lead generation.

  1. Focus On Positive Reviews 

Online reviews are integral to business success in a variety of ways. Positive reviews beget more patrons, while negative ones may cause businesses to lose customers. The same goes for law firms. Enlist clients to write reviews that will describe their personal experience with your firm. The more successful the win, the better the review will play out online.

  1. Find A Company Already Generating Personal Injury Leads For Attorneys

Your firm may have employed various methods to get quality PI and auto accident leads, but for some reason, it is not showing signs of improvement yet. A personal injury lead generation service has the processes in place to filter out the best leads available in your area. Their entire business model revolves around finding possible personal injury claims and getting them to the right firm. Services like these can save you time and get you the top tier leads that become the high-value cases your firm desires. That said, there are a lot of companies generating personal injury leads for attorneys, so make sure you check out their reviews and ask the right questions before buying personal injury leads.

Your firm’s success may be dependent on personal injury leads. Ensuring you receive a healthy dose of cases may come down to hiring the right lead generation service. Look into engaging this type of service and getting your firm on the fast-track to cases that will raise your profile.