California Auto Accident Leads – Q & A

In this Q & A session one of our PPLM legal lead generation consultants speaks with a California attorney about statewide auto accident leads.

Lawyer: Hi, I’m an attorney who just to received your information and might be interested in California auto accident leads for our law firm.

PPLM Rep: Where are you located?

Lawyer: In Los Angeles.

PPLM Rep: And where do you take cases in California?

Lawyer: I take  auto accident cases in all of California.

PPLM Rep: Are you working with any other legal lead generation companies?

Lawyer: Yeah, I’m with one of your competitors and I started little by little possible to try out and see what you guys have as an opportunity. How long have you been around?

PPLM Rep: We’ve been in business just about 5 years, it will be 5 years in September.

PPLM Rep: We’re definitely much more boutique, hands on, and easy to deal with than a lot of other lead generation companies, and on lead quality we don’t do anything that’s generated from social media or affiliates or any of that, it’s pretty much all research. Search based personal injury leads always have the best quality because people are actively looking for information, or an attorney, for their car accident issue and ultimately, a way to maximize the compensation for their car accident settlement.

I think from what I’ve heard from other clients and former colleagues, our quality is definitely ahead of most at this point.

Lawyer: How does yours work?

PPLM Rep: Here’s how our lead gen program works. We don’t do any contracts or tie you into a time limit, everything we do is prepaid. You prepay for a small block of auto accident leads in California, which is going to be a high-volume play, and we deliver the leads against that balance as we go, then when your leads run out you have the option to continue on or not.

What most our clients who stick with us over the long haul end up putting a credit card on file and we just charge it every month whenever the balance drops below thousand box, we’ll charge another five thousand to keeps those leads turning. In terms of pricing and criteria, I think our vetting is a little bit more stringent than other firm, we vet for…

Obviously the person has to be injured in a car, truck or a motorcycle accident. We do have to question which I’m not sure to find out if you were at fault, they would have to say no to obviously, we screen them initially to make sure they don’t have an attorney, aren’t at fault for the car accident, and have an accident date within the statute of limitations.. .as well as obviously providing a real name and working contact info.

Lawyer: Is all the screening done by me?

PPLM Rep: No, all the screening is done just sort of through a web form and that gets filtered through our A.P.I. And so it’s just read to see OK what they’d answer to this question, this question. If it answers them all correctly, then it will read the zip code and send the lead to our client in that area, you can even get sent the lead posted to your case management software if you like.

Lawyer: What’s the return policy?

PPLM Rep: So a disconnected number, wrong number and anything like if you call and get a hold of somebody and there wasn’t an injury, they actually had an attorney and were looking for a second opinion, they were found at fault during the accident. Just reply to the e-mail, that sent the lead, let us know and what the return reason was on that lead and once the system verifies it the money will return back to the account.

Lawyer: Okay, and what if there’s no injuries at all.

PPLM Rep: No injuries will be returnable. So we ask on the form “were you injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident” and if they say no, it shouldn’t even get to you, but if you call and there’s no injury, that’s a returnable lead pending internal verification.

Lawyer: And how many days do I have to return?

PPLM Rep: Ten.

Lawyer: Ten business days or just ten days?

PPLM Rep: I guess ultimately it depends on the situation, we’re pretty flexible and like I said we’re not corporate… if we’re working together, if you’re easy to work with, if you’re not returning a bunch of leads or are not siting over return reasons here or there, seems like it’s going well with everything and we’re pretty…

One major difference in one of the things the start at the company is I would much rather eat a lead or two here and there in the interest of having a good relationship with a solid firm that’s going to stick with us for a long term, and kind of gets it as far as lead generation and understand most of them are going to be cases and that you’re playing for the few that are… we by no means want to be in a situation where we’re arguing over whether or not a lead is billable, and if we come to a point where we’re just arguing over the returns, chances are if it’s probably not a good to fit for either one of us and we’ll probably just go our separate ways after the test campaign.

Lawyer: That makes sense. And then it’s only by emails?

PPLM Rep: We can send them via email, we can send them via text, if you have like a like a case management software or CRM, I can post it to them, so it’s very much whatever you want.

Lawyer: Alright, let’s just do text and emails. And I will give you guys a try and see what’s going on.

PPLM Rep: Great.

Lawyer: If it works out, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Do you want to send me an email or how do you guys do it?

PPLM Rep: Yeah, so what will do to get started is we will send an invoice for you that will be accompanied by an authorization form for you to plug payment info into.

Let me know what email addresses and cell phone numbers you want the leads sent to, we’ll get up and turned around usually within a day, usually a lot less. And then yeah, I mean if you’re ready to start taking leads and if we got the phone for that, we could be delivering leads by this evening or tomorrow most likely.

Lawyer: Hey, I’d rather be taking all the clients. So like how many do you think I’ll get in a typical month?

PPLM Rep: California’s auto accident is pretty high volume. I don’t want to over quote, it would probably start in sixty or seventy and my guesses you could be up to hundred in pretty short order.

Lawyer: That’s a lot.

PPLM Rep: I can cap that too—

Lawyer: Right of course.

PPLM Rep: If you want to let’s say do like a thirty-lead cap and have that run the course of a month, I can I just put one lead a day cap on it if you don’t want to get overwhelmed.

Lawyer: I mean of course I don’t want to be turning away the possibilities of getting good MVA leads.

PPLM Rep: Right and that’s the rub especially with auto accident leads in California or anywhere else, where the one good 6 or 7 figure case could be the next one, you just don’t know.

Lawyer: Exactly. And then you just go back and forth between the other attorneys one by one.

PPLM Rep: Yeah, so basically what the way it works is one for one rotation with any other law firms that you’re sharing the territory with.

Lawyer: Okay. I see.

Lawyer: I’m trying to think for your thought and expertise, would it be better to go with the state-wide or better to be going with Southern California.

PPLM Rep: I mean, if you can convert and you’re running state-wide and you feel comfortable enough running the cases if you don’t have to have them come meet you in your office or you go to them. You can go state-wide, you can get a lot more of leads for a lot less money.

Lawyer: Yes. Than lets go state-wide.

PPLM Rep: You know what I mean? Southern California add as I’m sure you know, there’s a ton of P.I attorney that do a ton of marketing. It’s up there.

Lawyer: Alright, let me give you my email and let’s get the ball rolling.