Mass Tort Leads & California Auto Accident Leads

PPLM Rep: I’ll tell you a little bit about our vetting process. We basically vet for, or I should say that they’ll only get passed through it to the law firm, via email and SMS text message, if they answer one of the following, they cannot have an attorney. They must have been injured, they have to fall within the state’s statute of limitations and they cannot be found at fault. So, if they do go through the Q&A through the landing page, then that lead would be considered billable. We do not do subscription model. What we do is we do, is we do a prepaid for a small order of 25 leads, and we just do a prepay on each time we actually fulfill that previous campaign. So there is no contract that requires you to get locked in for a certain amount of time.

Attorney: Okay. So that’s a month to month.

PPLM Rep: Well, if we fulfill the leads at 25 and you’re like, “You know what, we need to take a break.” Well then, that’s fine. You can, it’s not required that you have to continue to pay, is what I’m trying to say.

Attorney: What’s the conversion rate on something like that?

PPLM Rep: That’s, it’s really hard to answer that. I can tell you this, I know that the national average is about 12%. From the feedback at the law firms that we’ve worked with, I think we’re hovering and ranging about 18 to 20%.

Attorney: So, you’re driving traffic to websites or is it TV or what is it?

PPLM Rep: So, we do everything digital. We drive all the traffic into our organic site,, as well as we do a lot of paper click advertising with various landing pages.

Attorney: Okay, and it’s a prepaid, right?

PPLM Rep: It is a prepay. We do a 25 lead order, a small kind of prepaid to give you kind of a taste of it, a test of it and see how you can run. So, I think that’s like 40. I think that’s a little less than 5 grand. We can turn the campaign on and about 24 to 48 hours, and it would be a statewide campaign.

Attorney: So where would they mostly come from? The lead?


PPLM Rep: They’ll come from all over California.


Attorney: Are they all auto accident leads?


PPLM Rep: There’d be all auto, trucking or motorcycle? No General Personal Injury Leads, no slip and fall, workers comp leads, et cetera.

Attorney: Okay, so that would be all statewide?

PPLM Rep: That would be that that would be statewide, correct.

Attorney: Okay, and do you talk to them on the phone or is it all done by email? How do you do it?

PPLM Rep: It’s all done by email. So when they get your landing page, they go through the Q&A, and if they click and they the answer those questions accordingly, then based on their zip code that is then ping to the law firm. So, naturally, he’s putting California within, it directly go to you. Now, I will say this, we do have a couple other firms that are on a statewide level, but there is enough volume to where we could bring in somebody else.. The leads are exclusive and what happen is, it would just go on a round robin fashion, fashion.

Attorney: How long have you guys been around for?

PPLM Rep: Almost 4 years. We actually, my business partner and I, we previously worked for Thomson Reuters, we helped them build out their lead generation division and recently we broke away, and we decided we could put together more of a customer friendly type approach, cause we felt like some of our clients weren’t being treated correctly. So we started pinpoint and only do lead generation services. So, we do a motor vehicle accidents, we do workers compensation and we do some mass tort leads.

Attorney: Yeah, but what kind of mass tort leads are you guys doing?

PPLM Rep: So, right now we’re winning some Talc and we’re actually about ready to launch some roundup. So, those are the three that we’ve been kind of, a couple that we’ve been running for a while, but the roundup is something that we’re about ready to bring on. We haven’t really built a landing page quite yet and we typically like to get a couple of law firms, in agreement before we do it, cause once we get on we’ll be working through a lot of costs so, but we have not launched that yet. Is there any specific mass torts that you’re taking?

Attorney: Not right now. I just finished up some hip cases, but I need to know more what the status up there, where the cases are at.