Arizona Auto Accident Leads

PPLM Rep: We generate motor vehicle accident leads. We have probably one of us, not the most heavily trafficked site on the Internet with regards to people looking for information about their motor vehicle accident claims. So, we have a ton of organic traffic. We supplement that with a lot of paid advertising. Ultimately, we get people who are looking for information about their potential settlement, what to do after a car accident, etc. Get them over to a page on our website that sort of answers their question, and then we offer a free consultation with a local auto accident attorney for people who decide that they want to take it a step further and actually discuss the specifics of their claim.

In order to get that consultation, we ask them to fill out a form on our site, where we ask them obviously, name, location, contact information, and then we ask them a few qualifying questions kind of about their situation, which are then used to determine whether or not that is a viable/billable lead.

Lawyer: No. So that’s how you guys pre screen them is by that form?

PPLM Rep: Correct.

Lawyer: Okay. So they are pre screened then?

PPLM Rep: They are pre screened by software, but not by a human, but nobody in our organization ever speaks to these people. So all the screening is done electronically. That being said, once our firms follow up, we do have a return policy in place in case, the screening didn’t catch something and I’ll get to that in a second. They come to our site, read or whatever they’re going to read. If they decide they do want to speak to an attorney, we offer a free consultation, and they go to the form, ask them obviously name, contact information, city, state, zip, and then we ask them, “Were you injured in the car truck or motorcycle accident?? Obviously in order to qualify the answer would have to be yes. Do you currently have an attorney helping you with this issue in order to qualify? Answer would have to be no. Where you found at fault for the accident? Our answer would also have to be no, and then we ask the date of the accident, which obviously would have to line up within statute of limitations.

If and when they answer those four questions correctly, and they’ve given us a valid phone number, name, at that point our software on the back-end will confirm that it’s a valid lead, then will read the person’s zip code and match them to the client that we’re working with in that state. At which point that person’s information will be forwarded on to our client via email and or text message. Once you get that it’s, on the law firm to follow up with that lead.

Lawyer: Okay, so that’s sent via email or text?

PPLM Rep: Yes, both. We can also, if you have like a, like a case management software, you work with the call center to use as one. We can also post the person’s information directly into your software as well. It’s called server to server posting. Pretty much any combination of those. So email, text message, our CRM to your CRM or any combination thereof.

Lawyer: Okay, sounds good.

PPLM Rep: Then so then it’s on the firm to follow up. You contact the person and give them the free consultation that they were looking for, answer their questions, find out about their situation, and then obviously from there, if it’s the case that you guys want and the person decides that they want the firm to help them, you got a new client. If, let’s say, and this is where I was mentioning, we don’t personally screen them, but we have a return policy. So obviously, some people don’t understand their situation. People filled the things out wrong. Most of our submissions are done by smartphone so sometimes they’ll check a box wrong. Anyway, if ever there was a case where let’s say somebody says, “No, I don’t have an attorney,” and you follow up and it turns out they do, all you got to do is reply to the email that sent leave and just say, “Hey, this person has an attorney.” We have somebody in house who just reviews return requests, and upon verification we’ll just return that back.

So, if there’s seven or eight different returnable reasons, but off the top of my head, if  the phone number’s disconnected, wrong fax number, et Cetera.

Lawyer: For the SOL is up already.

PPLM Rep: Yeah, and of the personal injury accident lead generation companies I think we’re about the easiest to work with when it comes to returns and stuff like that. We’re not a small company, but we’re a company that’s—very aware of the benefits when we have very long-term, very happy clients, which is basically where we’re at, where our clients just give us a credit card and say every time they account balance drops below 1000 bucks, charge me another 5,000 and let’s keep it going. Ultimately we’re not in the business of arguing over leads here & there and there, it’s much more in our best interest to form really good long term relationships with solid firms who are going to going to stick around for a while.

Lawyer: No, it’s okay. My next question, do you guys go by contracts or is it just on a, you guys sell them like, what’s the minimum order of leads that you have to buy or explain that part to me. I don’t know.

PPLM Rep: Yup. There’s no contract. It’s a prepaid pay as you go. Our minimum we offer sort of an intro order if you will, for motor vehicle accidents is 25 leads, which if you are talking about Arizona State wide would probably take a month, give or take to fulfill, and then it’s after that initial order you’re under no obligation to continue, but if you do want to continue on, usually what we’ll do is we’ll say we’ll do the first 25, once you get down to like 5 to 10 leads last, well usually I’ll reach out, I’ll say, “Hey, we’re coming down towards the bottom of that order. I can send you over a spreadsheet of all the leads we’ll believe you deliver thus far. You can review, see how many cases just signed and decide if you want to continue on or not. As I said after a batch or two, if it’s something that, our clients decide they want to continue doing, usually what we’ll do is we’ll just put a credit card on file and do an auto renew where every time the balance drops below a thousand bucks, we’ll charge another five, give or take, but if for some reason the first 25 doesn’t pan out the way you had hoped you, you’re under no obligation to do more than that.

Lawyer: Do you see a lot of volume coming through Arizona? Like state wide?

PPLM Rep: It isn’t the heaviest volume state, but it certainly isn’t the lowest volume. If you give me one second, I can give you at least a rough estimate based on what are our last client had there?

Lawyer: Well, maybe like 5 to 10 a month or weekly.

PPLM Rep: No, it would be more than that.

Lawyer: Then that’s Okay.

PPLM Rep: Let me see. It looks like we had a client there over the summer and they were doing, it looks like about 40 a month.

Lawyer: About 40 a month?

PPLM Rep: Yeah, and I obviously that could fluctuate a little bit, but I’d say probably let’s estimate it at 30 to 40.

Lawyer: 30 to 40 estimate. Okay. I don’t think if there’s anything else. I think you pretty much covered a lot of it here, so. The pre screening. Is there anything else that I do think I need to know or let’s hope this will work? Yeah, I just have a– I did have a room. Are they all English or are they a mixture of English and Spanish? Do you know?

PPLM Rep: So, we actually do have some Spanish stuff. It’s really low volume. We have– We did pay a translator, I don’t know a year or so ago to translate our top performing keywords and ads and landing pages into Spanish and we trickle through a lead here and there. It’s certainly not something we target heavily or something that we’re going to flood you with volume, but yeah, if you guys do have have intake capacity in Spanish, we will be able to send you. There might be two or three leads that come through in Spanish every month.

Lawyer: Yeah. Well, we actually have a call center here within the firm, so I know we have, I think the majority of them all speak Spanish, so they’re all bilingual, so that wouldn’t be a problem with using some Spanish people.

PPLM Rep: Yeah. So we can toggle it on and off depending on the firms– Basically we have a Spanish campaign that we can turn on, but yeah, honestly it’s not like if we turn it on, you’re going to get flooded. Like I said, you might get one or two leads a month, but yeah, we could certainly turn that on for you.

Lawyer: Okay, cool. Cool. Is that an extra charge or no?

PPLM Rep: No, that’s just the help supplement.

Lawyer: Okay, cool. Okay. Well I think you’ve pretty much answered all of my questions. Thank you so much. I might probably shoot you an email unless you want to shoot me an email with, just briefly of what we discussed.