Bankruptcy Leads

Bankruptcy Leads

PinPoint Legal Marketing generates thousands of bankruptcy leads every month, helping to connect individuals looking to file chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy with local law firms who can help them do so. Given the recent upending of the economy due to the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families with a sudden and dramatic drop in income. This is expected to result in a surge in bankruptcy filings across the board.

These people are largely trying to stay afloat by racking up large amounts of credit card debt, putting whatever they can on credit, etc. At some point they capitulate, and need to press the reset button. For attorneys and law firms who help people file bankruptcies or are looking to add BK as a practice area due to the current economic conditions, this can be a major source of new clients.

How Our Bankruptcy Leads Are Generated:

Our bankruptcy leads are generated digitally, with a mix of roughly 90% paid and organic search and the rest coming from social media advertising, mainly from facebook. Upon landing on our website they are asked to fill out a form for a free consultation with a local bankruptcy attorney. In order to qualify they need to have provided us with information about total debt, reasons for filing a bankruptcy, and confirm that they have not hired an attorney for their bankruptcy filing already. We can target individuals in your city/metro area or statewide.

A Transparent, Ethical BK Lead Generation Company

At PinPoint Legal Marketing, we’ve built our legal lead generation business on a few key points:

  • Transparency
  • Customer Service
  • Long Term Partnerships with Our Clients

This is what you get when you buy bankruptcy leads from us. We’re going to be as transparent in the process as we can, be responsive and sensible in all our customer service dealings, and look at every new client as a potential to build a years long business relationship. When you work with us you’ll get all of these things and more!

If you’re currently looking to expand your bankruptcy law marketing, please contact us for a quote and volume estimates in your area.

Bankruptcy Leads FAQ’s:

Bankruptcy law is a competitive corner of the legal leads market. When people dealing with a massive amount of debt look for help, they don’t often know where to begin. These consumers comprise a hefty dose of bankruptcy leads that firms need to capitalize on, if possible.

Is Purchasing Bankruptcy Leads Allowed?

The short answer is yes, bankruptcy leads can be purchased for use in generating more bankruptcy law cases. While some methods of legal lead generation may not be recognized as ethical, a third-party business can be built around finding and selling leads to bankruptcy firms. The way legal lead generation businesses work is by creating content designed to attract people who are deeply affected by debt. The content is placed on websites that potential bankruptcy clients may visit searching for answers to commonly asked questions. If those people desire, they can fill out a form that will be the basis for the lead. This practice is acceptable so long as this form does not recommend a specific lawyer or firm. Per the American Bar Association, these lead generation companies may not appear to be supporting a lawyer or promise engagement with a particular firm.

Your Competitors Are Probably Already Using Bankruptcy Lead Generation Services

The purchase of bankruptcy leads is not only allowed, but in today’s competitive field, extremely important. Get some help by looking more closely into third-party bankruptcy lead generation services that can help grow your firm’s clientele.


We generate a number of other leads, all in the legal category. A full list of the legal leads we generate is below, please click on any of those links to learn more about other practice areas:

Depending on the market you’re in, how many leads you can handle, and whether or not you can take bankruptcy leads on a statewide level or not, we charge between $45-$65 for our bankruptcy leads.

We do not tie our clients into any sort of long term contracts. When you buy bankruptcy leads, or any of our other legal leads, we are a pay as you go service. We do require a small minimum order to buy bankruptcy leads from us, which is largely to ensure that you get a decent enough sample size to judge the lead quality by, as well as to help us cover setup costs in getting you up and running.

This depends somewhat on what market you’re in (A bankruptcy lead in NYC or Los Angeles will likely cost a lot more to generate than a bankruptcy lead in rural Idaho), how much geographic area you can cover, and how much volume you can handle. That said, the prices for our bankruptcy leads generally range from $45-$65 per lead.

Here is a sample bankruptcy lead – all our leads are required to provide valid contact info (both phone number and email), as well as confirming that they have met minimum amounts of outstanding debt and have not hired an attorney to assist with filing their chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy.

Contact Info:

First Name: Michelle

Last Name: Ssssssssssssss

Phone: 860xxxxxxx



State: CT

Zip Code: 06010

Total Debt: $20K-50K

Has An Attorney: No