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By focusing only on generating high quality legal leads, we’re able to put all our energy and resources into getting the highest quality leads and providing the best possible customer service to our clients. While other legal lead generation companies focus on 10-15 different areas of law, we go deep into a few specific areas of legal lead generation, and work to own those practice areas.
You are only billed when qualified legal leads are delivered. With our real time reporting, you can always see what’s been delivered, what’s been billed, and what’s turned into a client for your firm. We are in this together, so we work closely with our law firm partners to constantly analyze and optimize the leads we’re sending you... And you need to know that your marketing dollars are producing a positive return on investment.
For all of our legal leads, only one law firm receives each inquiry, minimizing the risk of a competitor beating you to the punch. In almost all cases, we only work with one firm per practice area per territory, especially for all categories of personal injury leads, where many firms handle cases statewide. By focusing on a smaller number of clients, we are able to give more personalized service and higher quality leads to those clients.
Since we limit the number of firms we work with, we strive to cultivate very solid client relationships and provide lead generation for lawyers that are going to stay with us for years to come. As such we are very responsive, flexible on returns, and offer small intro orders with no contracts. Our business model is to lock you in with the quality of our legal leads, not with some contract that makes it impossible for you to leave.

Available Practice Areas

Auto Accident Leads
Auto Accident Leads
Bankruptcy Leads
Bankruptcy Leads
Workers Compensation Leads
Workers Compensation Leads
Personal Injury Leads
Personal Injury Leads
Mass Tort Leads
Mass Tort Leads
Social Security Disability Leads
Social Security Disability Leads

How it Works?


Engagement & Conversion

Searching for lawyers or legal information, people find one of our Web Properties & fills out a request for a free consultation with a local law firm.


Quality Screening Process

Using a strict quality screening process, we weed out any invalid leads, saving your law firm time and resources spent following up with bad leads.


Delivery of Legal Leads

Once screened to ensure quality, our legal leads are sent to you in real time for follow up via email, text, or direct post. Spend your time with only the most qualified prospects.

Lead Generation For Lawyers Client Awards & Accolades

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