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In the personal injury lead generation space, auto accident leads are the most popular and often top-performing leads. This is largely because if someone is injured in a car accident, there are several things that are clearer than can be in a typical slip & fall or other personal injury claim. Over many years of marketing for injury law firms, this has been far and away the most successful lead generation avenue we’ve seen. That’s why a large focus of ours is to generate high quality, exclusive, real-time car accident leads, day in and day out, to our personal injury attorney partners.

How Our Car Accident Leads Are Generated

Through a wide net of internet advertising, our website is found by people searching for an auto accident attorney or for information pertaining to their auto accident claim and subsequent injuries. The primary ways we target victims of auto accidents is through organic search, paid search, and Facebook advertising. We have optimized landing pages to make sure we are able to capture these people’s information in one of the most competitive industries online. We are constantly improving this process as well as exploring additional opportunities to deliver quality to our partners.

Once they arrive on one of our web pages, we provide valuable information about auto accident laws in their state and ask anyone who would like to speak directly to an attorney to fill out our form for a free consultation. Anyone who meets our screening criteria in your area will be sent directly to your office via email.

Upon form submission, we screen for specific criteria (the person must be injured, must not already have legal representation, must provide valid contact info, etc).

You will only be sent a car accident lead if it meets all the following qualifications:

  •              Motor Vehicle Accidents Only (No general PI, Slip & Fall, Workers Comp Leads, etc)
  •              Must have been injured in accident
  •              Detailed client information required (Name, City, Zip, Phone, and Comments of Accident)
  •              Flexible return policy (wrong contact info, wrong practice area, already has an attorney, etc)
  •              Must meet Statute of Limitations

Customer Support:

If we send over a lead that ends up not meeting one of these requirements, we will gladly take it back as a return. You can read about our return policy.

We also allow for small test orders as a way for you to see that we can deliver, are responsive and easy to work with, and in general are honest, straightforward people with a genuine interest in building solid partnerships with Personal injury and Mass Tort law firms. We do not tie you into a long contract, do not require huge minimum order sizes, and are very fair on returns for any leads that may get through our screening process.

Highest Quality Car Accident Leads:

Any lead that you will receive from us will be exclusive and delivered in real time. This ensures not only that our leads our some of the highest quality you can find, but will also drastically improve our partners’ contact and thus conversion rates. We aim for and typically achieve a conversion rate of 20%.

Competitive Market:

Generating quality auto accident leads is not easy. In fact, generating auto accident leads is one of the more competitive markets out there. It’s common to pay well over $100 for a single click targeting car accident lawyers, so we need to be ruthlessly efficient to generate these leads at a reasonable cost. Through many years of trial and error we’ve found the perfect mix that allows us to get high quality leads at a reasonable cost that will provide very good ROI for our clients. It’s this ability that allows us to have some of the best retention rates in the industry.


Our goal is long term and happy clients, and we recognize that delivering value and a good return on investment, with quality customer service and insightful suggestions, is the best way to do so. You can read about our best practices for intake to make sure you convert on as high a percentage of leads as possible. Give us a try on a small order and we’re confident you’ll see what we me

Best ROI You Will Find:

As with any service provider, we know that we will only succeed when our personal injury attorney partners succeed. We believe that you will not get more bang for you buck out of any marketing than you will be able to achieve with us. In essence, we are taking all of the risk and delivering potential customers to your door. For more detailed information, read our article about calculating the ROI on personal injury leads.

Car Accident Lead FAQ’s:

An auto accident lead is considered valid/billable if it meets the following criteria:

  • Must be injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident.
  • Not found at fault for the accident
  • Within your state’s SOL for personal injury
  • In agreed upon geographic area
  • Must provide a working phone number

Through a mix of paid search ads, organic search, social media and affiliate marketing, we advertise digitally to reach people as they are searching for an attorney for, or information about, their auto accident claim. Then we send people to one of our websites where they’re given some general information, and people who want to take it a step further and discuss their issue with a local attorney, are asked to fill out a form to get a free consultation.

Upon form submission, we screen for specific criteria (must be injured, must not already have legal representation, must provide valid contact info, etc). You are only billed when a lead is delivered that meets all qualifications.

If the person submitting the form was found at fault for the accident, that would fall under our return policy for MVA leads, and as such would be eligible for a credit.

As we do require all form submissions confirm that they were injured, this shouldn’t happen often. However if/when it does happen, simply return the lead for credit and you won’t be billed for that lead.

We deliver all our legal leads via email, and also offer text message/SMS alerts.

No, unlike a lot of other legal lead generation companies, we only send the car accident leads to one law firm. You’ll never have to worry about us sending auto accident leads to any of your competitors.

This depends on availability, order size, and geo but they range anywhere from $150-$250 per auto accident lead. As marketing for legal firms is more expensive in different areas, please ask about pricing & availability in your area.

Once we have received payment for your initial batch, and the email addresses/phone numbers for delivery of the auto accident leads, we can typically have your account live within a matter of hours, although sometimes it can take a few days before a lead gets delivered due to the real time nature of our car accident leads.

Do you guys just do auto leads or do you do other stuff as well?

We do workers compensation, general personal injury, which is typically just premise liability, motor vehicle accidents, and then we do some mass tort campaigns as well. But the mass tort campaigns are national, they’re not local. We’re looking to, we’re going after the bigger ticket items, motor vehicle accident. A lot of the firm’s that we bring on board, they don’t leave and a lot of them like exclusivity. Now, the leads are exclusive, we may work with more than one from in a state, but we have a lot of firms that they basically they pay a higher price to have exclusivity. So, anything and everything we can produce we send their way.

How many of your leads are passengers vs drivers in the accident? Can I return a lead if the person was the passenger and not the driver?

And the thing is that I don’t specifically have any statistics, as far as how many turn out to be passengers trying to file a suit. But you see, that’s not something we take returns for. I’ll tell you what we do ask returns for, if they are found at fault, we take the return. If they had no injury, we will take a return. If they have an attorney, we’ll take in a return. Naturally if it exceeds the state statute of limitations we’ll take a return. Of course, if it’s a Mickey Mouse name or any disconnected busy, no voicemail setup, type of disconnected numbers we take as well too. We’re really flexible when it comes to return policy. I work with a lot of firms that buy leads from everybody and we’ve been rated pretty high as far as how flexible we are. But unfortunately, we don’t do that for any type of passenger suit. So, it’s not something that I could honor a return on. But then again, I can’t recall of too many too many leads that I’ve seen that that specifically state that I was a passenger in such and such accident under the comments section.

Depending on the state, estimate anywhere between 10-15 per month for smaller states all the way up to 150-200 in larger states. Typically, when, some of the firm’s that we’ve been working with a long time, they have been able to test the services, they could see their conversions and they’d like to push for more in which what we can do is we can kind of turn up the campaign so to speak. We run a lot of pay per click advertising, which if you are in a position where you need more volume, we can make that happen.

Sample auto accident lead – Mary S.

Mary was driving home from work in Jacksonville, NC, a small coastal town between the Outer Banks of NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.

As the comments of this lead detail, as Mary drove home, a pizza delivery driver on shift was driving with no headlights, then ran a stop sign and hit her in a T-Bone collision. The force of the accident caused substantial injuries to Mary, causing her to miss work, seek immediate medical treatment, as well as ongoing chiropractic care for her ongoing neck and back pain. In addition to her injuries, her car was totaled and she had to incur costs of a rental car while getting this accident sorted out and shopping for a new car.

Mary found our website through one of our lawyer marketing ads, read about our network of attorneys and free legal consultation, and submitted her info. After a lengthy conversation with our partner firm in North Carolina, they were able to help her get a very nice settlement, which covered all her expenses, loss of income, and more.

Here is the original lead as it was sent to our client:

First Name: Mary
Last Name: Sxxxxxxxx
Phone: 615xxxxxxxx
State: NC
Zip Code: 28546

What Caused Your Injury: Motor Vehicle Accident
Were You Found At Fault For the Accident: No
Has An Attorney: No
Comments: A domino delivery driver ran a stop sign and hit us, she didnt have on head lights so we didnt see her.. she didnt have a seat belt on as well. We had no stop sign. 35 miles per hour speed correct speed limit I as in the back seat, my face was busted open from my nose, and head neck amp back pain.. I went to a chiropractor.

If your firm could benefit from more cases like Mary’s, please give us a call.

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