Legal Lead Gen Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Lead Gen FAQ’s

When it comes to legal lead gen, the lawyers and attorneys we talk with often ask a lot of the same questions. So we’ve started to answer them and post them on our FAQ page, with the hopes that we’ll soon answer all the questions you may have about buying legal leads.

Check back often as this page will be updated when we have new questions asked. Have question about legal lead gen you don’t see here? Please give us a call and ask!

We charge based on practice area, competitiveness of the state/metro, and certain factors that affect how we can advertise, such as order size and geographic scope. Please contact us for a free consultation to learn about legal lead costs in your area.

This is a very tricky question for a couple of reasons. First, every firm’s intake process is different, which means the speed and effectiveness that our legal leads will be called on will vary from law firm to law firm. Also, every firm has different minimum case values that they’ll accept, which directly affects conversion rates… obviously the firm that will take a $10k soft tissue injury PI case, is going to close more personal injury leads than a firm that only wants serious, catastrophic injuries.

With that said, depending on the firms’ intake and criteria thresholds, most firms report a conversion rate of between 15% and 30% on average.

As these are leads, not cases, there is no implication that you will sign any particular client. A billable lead is someone who fills out a web form and indicated that they have a particular legal issue, are located in your area, and have answered a series of questions correctly (such as noting that they do not have an attorney, or that the accident date was within your states’ statute of limitations). However if someone is in your area and meets all the criteria for a valid lead, that is billable regardless of whether or not they hire you as their attorney.

No, we are not a referral service or a law firm, we are simply a legal lead generation company that charges based on tangible results and performance, rather than promises. We charge a fair price for all our qualified legal leads, rather than monthly or annually as most legal marketing companies do. However we are not signing the cases up for you, we do not claim that leads are cases, and there is no obligation of any party to work together. We simplify the process by giving you viable opportunities on every lead we bill for, but we do not take any fees on the back end when you sign a case, you keep 100% of your case fees.

The partners here have 20 years combined experience in the legal lead generation industry with a focus on Mass torts, workers’ compensation and auto accident leads, therefore we have a great understanding as to what type of potential clients are needed to be provided in order to keep a long-standing relationship with the firms that we work with.  We don’t work in any other industry, which allows us to really focus on depth over breadth and quality over quantity. We don’t work with a lot of firms, typically one per state per practice area or mass tort, so we are big on building quality, long term client relationships. We tend to be very responsive, fair on returns, and wherever we can try to help you be really successful with the people we send your way, since we do better when you’re happily renewing with us.

We don’t believe in locking in with any sort contract. Unlike our competitors, we’d prefer to keep one happy firm in place rather than trying to maximize profits and dealing with the high turnover of selling a bad product. If our clients are happy, they’ll remain with us longer than any contract would require.

With that in mind, we never lock you into contracts or monthly fees.

Yes, all leads are exclusive and we also like to only work with one firm per state per practice area. However, if the volume is too heavy, we can typically balance by adding another firm and rotate leads as they come in. Larger states typically require this, but some law firms do have the ability to take statewide leads.

This depends largely on the practice area and geographic scope of your legal lead gen campaign. Please contact us to learn more.

All legal leads leads are filtered through our API software and delivered via email and text message. Once the potential client fills out the contact form, verifies that they do not have an attorney and seeking legal representation, our software will filter the practice area needed and based on the location of the potential client, send their info to your office in real time for follow up.

After we’ve fulfilled the initial order and you’re happy with the conversion percentages, you have first right of refusal on renewing our services. Most firms also prefer to set up an auto-billing option, where anytime your balance drops below a certain dollar amount or number of leads, we’ll charge the card on file to replenish the account. But since we are a no contract legal lead gen company, there is no obligation to continue buying leads after the initial order has been fulfilled. Depending on what state you’re in and volume, this is usually about a month long test run.

There are a number of ways to generate personal injury leads, whether we’re talking about generating leads internally for your firm or buying them from a legal lead gen company. Here are the main ways:  

  1. Internet: This would include SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media (this can be done organically by adding people and content to your network, as well as boosting your social media presence and generating leads with paid ads on networks like facebook and instagram), display advertising, etc. 
  2. Traditional Media: This would include advertising on TV, radio, print, and billboards to get people to call your law firm or visit your website. 
  3. Branding & Referrals: This would include attending and sponsoring community events, bar association meetings, and leveraging your existing client and referral base with email marketing, newsletters, and social media. 

In all of these instances, generating personal injury leads is a multi-faceted process that should always be taken on with an eye on your long term goals, and should always be focused on helping the consumer as much as possible. Having the right intake staff in place, making sure your staff attorneys and paralegals aren’t stretched too thin so they can keep proper communication with clients, and being a good listener are always a good idea when dealing with personal injury  and auto accident leads.  

How much you should pay for personal injury leads depends almost entirely on how much you can make on them. As a general rule of thumb you should be seeing a return on your investment of at least 3-1, meaning if you’ve invested $5,000 on a marketing campaign with a personal injury lead generation company, you should make back $15,000 (in gross revenue) at a minimum. As discussed above, the cost per lead isn’t as important as what your conversion rate on the injury leads, or your average revenue per signed case is, as we’ve seen sometimes the “cheaper” leads can end up being a lot more expensive, and that’s not factoring in the manpower costs associated with wasting time calling on lots of leads that don’t end up turning into cases. 

While it’s hard to know this ahead of time, the best way to do this is to run small test campaigns with a variety of personal injury lead generation companies. This will allow you to get those metrics without investing a ton of money, and from there you can decide which companies and which leads are worth continuing, and at what price. 

Yes, but only after asking yourself the following six questions:

  1. Do I have both the intake staff to handle more personal injury leads, and be persistent in following up with them?
  2. Do I have the time, or attorneys on staff, to give great customer service and provide top notch legal services to any new cases that may come as a result of the new leads?
  3. Am I willing to accept that roughly 8 of 10 of these leads aren’t going to turn into cases, and still be ok paying for them?
  4. Am I satisfied taking $10,000-$20,000 soft tissue cases to pay for the campaign, with the expectation that larger cases will come if I can stay in the game long enough?
  5. Am I willing to accept that there may be slumps where I pay for 20, 30, maybe 40 leads without signing a client?
  6. Have I identified a legal lead gen company that’s reputable and had a good conversation with that company such that I feel comfortable making an investment in that company and those people?

If you can answer “yes” to all the questions above, you should definitely consider buying personal injury leads for your practice. If you have the intake & legal staff in place to make sure that the leads are followed up with and that the cases are worked properly, and have the right expectations in terms of conversion rate, case value, and the fact that buying leads is still marketing, and marketing comes with peaks and valleys, then you should do quite well buying personal injury leads.

Keep trying. Then try again. Then keep trying a little more. To elaborate, here’s a method of follow up that’s worked very well for a number of our legal lead gen clients:

First Day:  

  1. Call and leave a pleasant greeting voicemail  
  2. Text with a pleasant greeting 
  3. Email 
  4. Call back with no message at least once more, preferably twice at various times and at least one call should be made after business hours in case the person can’t talk while at work.

Second Day:  

  1. Call and leave Voicemail 
  2. Text 
  3. Call back once more at a different time of day (again, preferably at least one call after business hours but not too late) with no message left.

Third Day:  

  1. Call and leave Voicemail 
  2. Email

If you have some sort of email marketing service like constant contact, Infusionsoft, etc., it’s also recommended you put the no contacts into some sort of drip email campaign, so they get a few more emails over the next week or two.