Can Case Management Software Help Me Close More Legal Leads?

Case management software, or a customer relationship management (CRM) program, helps law firms manage a lot of data all in one place at one time. These programs allow law firms to log calendars, documents, bills, client communications, contacts, case information and other data seamlessly. The software allows attorneys to share information with each other and prevents the firm from entering duplicate data when it comes to billing and recording data. They can also help you convert more personal injury leads, into personal injury clients.

How Case Management Software Can Help You Convert More Personal Injury Leads

A lot of case management programs are web-based, while others are cloud-based. Almost all of them are accessible from mobile devices, giving attorneys and paralegals access to data no matter where they are located. Let’s take a look at how case management software can help you convert more personal injury leads in today’s post.

Managing Cases

Quite possibly the biggest advantage of having case management software at your firm is that you can manage all of your cases in one place. Every single detail about each of the firm’s cases can be found in one centralized location. The software allows you to quickly search for items, create to-do lists, check for conflicts of interest and check the statute of limitations for every case in various jurisdictions.

Managing Contacts

Are you losing clients left and right because you simply cannot keep track of their contact information? If so, case management software can help solve this issue. All of your clients and other contacts can be stored in the software program. This means you will be able to find contacts via phone number, mobile number, email and physical address.

Do you need to be reminded to return calls to clients? That’s a feature of this software as well. How about tracking communications with clients? You will be able to log all kinds of information about your contacts when you utilize case management software.

Track Time and Billing

If you are spending too much time trying to figure out billing, sending out invoices, and tracking down payments then you need case management software for your personal injury law firm. Why? This software can track billable time, create and send invoices, define fees individually or for the entire firm and even link to accounting, billing, and time programs. When it comes to tracking time, this type of software can track billing by the hour, transaction, contingency fee or a user-defined fee.

Having a program handle this work for you frees you up to focus more on client communication and handling their cases. It also allows you to spend more time reaching out to leads that you need to convert into clients.

Docketing and Calendaring

Quite possibly the most time consuming task of a law firm is docketing and calendaring. Trying to schedule appointments with multiple clients throughout the week can be frustrating, especially if you can’t remember your open appointment slots. That’s where case management software can come into play. The entire staff at the firm will be able to view deadlines, tasks, appointments and meetings by the day, the week, the month or the year. The software can also calculate dates for the calendar, schedule internal meetings and schedule appointments with clients.

Document Assembly

Do you spend a lot of time creating documents? If so, a case management software program will help you assemble documents. Documents can be created and drafted, edited, and linked to word processing programs that your firm uses on a daily basis.

Added Benefits of Case Management Software

Having case management software in your law firm will help all your attorneys, paralegals, and support staff stay organized no matter how busy the firm gets. This software provides even more benefits than what was mentioned above, pushing your firm into the forefront of personal injury space.

Eliminate Human Error

Using a software program to manage contacts, send out invoices, schedule client appointments, record communications and create documents will help eliminate human error that can wind up costing your firm thousands to millions of dollars. Files will no longer be accidentally tossed in the trash, shredded, or wind up on the wrong person’s desk.

Work from Any Desired Location

Are you battling strep throat or another illness that has to keep you out of the office for an extended period? Worried you will fall behind on your work? Worry no more. Case management software allows you to work from any desired location. You can work from home without having to bring your work computer with you. Going on vacation but need to access your files? You can do so from a laptop or tablet that has the same software installed.


Looking for data on how well your marketing campaigns are working? Want to know how often on average your intake contacts car accident leads? Case management software can produce reports of all kinds for your firm so you can find out exactly how well the program is performing. Another important report will tell you how your firm has lost cases in the past. This can help your attorneys prepare better for specific practice area cases based on previous losses.

Customizable Case Management Software

The best software out there will be able to adapt to how your firm operates. You might only practice personal injury law right now, but what if you add an attorney or two to the firm who practice criminal defense law? Your software program should be able to adapt to the practice areas in which you operate.

Secure Case Management Software

You can rest assured that the software you use for case management will keep all of your files and data secure. The best software out there will also back up your files regularly to ensure that if something happens you will always have access to them and not have to worry about losing case information or contact data.

As you can see, case management software has a slew of benefits that you will help your firm move forward successfully. When you utilize case management software you will have more time to focus on current and prospective clients, converting more personal injury and workers compensation leads along the way.