Workers Comp Leads

Exclusive Workers Compensation Leads

For some firms, workers compensation leads are a nice addition to a personal injury law practice, while others focus solely on workers comp law. One of the advantages to this is, that while workers comp leads generally cost less than personal injury leads or auto accident leads, and often times they can lead to a personal injury claim as well if a defective product or personally driven car was involved. They can also lead to Social Security Disability cases down the road if the injured worker is expected to be out of work for an extended period of time.

How Our Workers Compensation Leads Are Generated?

We advertise to attract people searching for info about, or attorneys for, their workers comp claim. Then we give people some general information, after which people who want to take it a step further and discuss their issue with a local attorney fill out a form.

Upon form submission, we screen for specific criteria (must be injured, must not already have legal representation, must provide valid contact info, etc).

You are only billed when a workers compensation lead is delivered that meets all qualifications:

  •              Must have been injured
  •            Injury must have been work related
  •              Detailed client information required (Name, City, Zip, Phone)
  •              Accident date must be within your states’ SOL
  •        Must not already have an attorney for their work comp issue

By screening our workers comp leads heavily before sending them out to our law firm clients for follow up, we’re able to secure dozens of opportunities every month while cutting down on the amount of time our clients intake teams spend talking on the phone to unqualified prospects.

Workers Comp Leads = High ROI

Because of their relative value to potential case size, in general workers compensation leads lead to very good Return on Investment (ROI). With good intake strategies in place, law firms often do very well on these inquiries. Learn more about calculating and improving ROI for personal injury leads.


No problem, if you don’t handle that type of workers comp case, you can return federal claims for full refund.

Our workers comp leads are vetted for the following: They must have been injured or sustained injury while at work. They cannot have an attorney. They cannot be a federal employee and the accident date must fall within the state statute limitations. They also have to be in the agreed upon geography and have provided a valid name & phone number.

This can vary depending on geography and order size, but usually they are priced in the range of $95-$125.

All of our leads, workers comp or otherwise, are exclusive and never sent to multiple law firms.

For work comp leads it’s a 50 lead prepaid order, with no contract. Once the 50 leads run out, you can calculate your conversions based on the performance of the program. If you’d like to keep going (which about 75% of firms do), you will have first right of refusal, but are under no obligation after the initial order runs out.

We can turn a campaign on anywhere in the United States. We have the infrastructure in place, but if we don’t have a buying customer, we’re not going to drop funds into a campaign to run. Once we have a client that wants to activate the account for that particular area. We can then turn our campaigns on and we can typically generate traffic in about 48 to 72 hours.

They’re sent simultaneously via email and SMS text, and we can post data directly to your case management software or CRM service, if you use one.

We can’t control what happens once a lead is submitted.  The only thing that we’ll be doing is drive the traffic to a landing page to take that to your office. We’re still accruing all the costs in order to generate traffic, the conversion part of the equation falls on the law firm.

It’s going to be all over the place as far as types of cases. We do get a lot of construction accidents, nurses, people who drive a lot and get into auto accidents in work vehicles. Naturally, there’s going to be some very small cases that are going to filter through as well. We attract people searching for info about workplace injuries, and by default since there’s a wide range of work injuries that happen, there will be a wide range of work comp leads you’ll get. And if for some reason it’s stated in the lead and they state that they were injured at work and you get them on the phone and you discuss it with them, you find out well, the injury really wasn’t on the job. Therefore, there is no workers comp claim at that point in time, we’ll use a common sense approach and we’ll grant a return.


Jerry H

Jerry, a warehouse employee at a large construction supply company, was unloading a truck in the winter time in Pennsylvania, as he had been doing weekly for nearly 4 years. Due to the slippery, icy conditions, Jerry slipped and fell backwards suddenly, seriously injuring his neck and back.

As detailed in the comments section of the form he filled out online, Jerry had to have surgery which cost well into 5 figures, and lost nearly a year’s worth of income due to the severity of his injuries, and physical nature of his work.

Frustrated with trying to deal with his employers’ insurance company himself, Jerry decided to search online for a Pennsylvania workers comp law firm to help him with his claim. Luckily he found us through an online search for a local attorney, we connected him with a local client that had a great intake team who was able to help, and they are in the process of getting him a very nice settlement!

You have a new lead!

Contact Info:

First Name: Jerry
Last Name: H
Phone: 814xxxxxx
State: PA
Zip Code: 16838
What Caused Your Injury: Work Related Accident
Has An Attorney: no

Comments: I slipped on the loading dock of company truck and hurt my neck. Ice and snow conditions. Had to have surgery, c5 c6 fusion and plate, 2 screws.was off work about 10 months

If you are a workers compensation lawyer or work at a work comp firm, and are looking to ramp up your firms caseload with more cases like Jerry’s, please call us today at (866) 205-4877