Mass Tort Leads

Mass Tort Leads

Mass Tort Leads can help your law firm navigate the up & down, feast or famine nature of marketing for mass tort cases. With time tested advertising strategies, an authoritative informational website, a network of trusted affiliates across the US, and one of the top intake teams in any industry, we can help your firm secure more cases fast.

We also have the ability to scale our mass tort leads up or down as the litigation unfolds and marketing gets more expensive.

Mass Tort Lead Generation FAQ:

Some common questions we often work with regarding mass torts:

Should I invest in TV or Internet advertising?

What’s better, organic or paid traffic?

Should I buy leads or pay a referral fee for a signed case?

What happens if there’s an unfavorable ruling or the case settles?

The answer usually is, it depends on the nature of the case, how aggressive your firm is, and what stage of the litigation we’re in. Below is a list of some current leads we’ve generated mass tort leads for recently:

Hernia Mesh Leads

Xarelto Leads

IVC Filter Leads

Talcum Powder Leads

Invokana Leads

Mesothelioma Leads

Testosterone Therapy Leads

Metal on Metal Hips Leads

TVM Leads

Compliant Mass Tort Leads:

All of our mass tort leads are sourced, delivered, and billed to make sure all our clients are compliant with all bar association rules regarding advertising compliance, non solicitation, and fee sharing. Since we

The disclaimer on all of our mass tort our landing pages contains language that specifically states the following:

  1. We are not a law firm or attorney referral service
  2. We do not provide legal advice of any kind
  3. No attorney-client relationship is established by filling out our form, nor is the person obligated to hire the attorney that contacts them as a result of filling out the form
  4. We do not recommend, or endorse, any attorneys we work with
  5. The attorneys in our network pay to participate

Further we don’t refer clients, we send inquiries/mass tort leads, which is nothing more than a request for a free consultation from someone with a specific legal problem related to a mass tort litigation. We don’t take a percentage of case fees, we bill a flat, uniform rate up front for a set amount of these inquiries. If we were to contact these prospects ourselves, pitch them on your firm, get them under contract and then sell them to you that would be bad.

Most states defer to the American Bar Association on this issue, and based on that, everything we do is 100% ethical.

Read the ABA section on attorney advertising

A Responsive, Honest Mass Tort Lead Generation Company:

Let’s be honest, due to the high price of mass tort leads and the amount of money most law firms stand to make on the cases, there are a lot of dishonest, if not flat out fraudulent, mass tort lead generation companies out there. We strive to be exactly the opposite. We are incredibly responsive with all our clients, and take a long term partnership view on our business relationship. As we know there’s a lot more to be gained in repeat business than just in selling some mass tort leads once and having a firm leave with a bad taste in their mouth, we are very fair on price, returns, and try to work closely with all our mass tort firms to ensure a successful campaign.

We’ve been in the law firm lead generation business for a long time, and have lots of happy clients that are happy to tell you about it.

To learn more about the details of our mass tort leads, please give us a call so we can talk through your law firms’ goals.