Social Security Disability Leads

Social Security Disability Leads:

Pin Point generates quality social security disability leads for attorneys every month. We understand how important it is to get our clients quality and exclusive SSD leads. Through years of tweaking and testing our ads, screening questions, and landing pages, we’ve have generating social security disability leads down to a science. According to the Social Security Administration, SSD Claims are on the rise, making this practice area in very high demand.

How our SSD Leads are Generated:

Through a mix of search based advertising, social media, and organic SEO, we get thousands of people looking for assistance with the SSD questions and claims to our various websites and web pages every month. We then offer them a free consultation with a local attorney to discuss their Social Security Disability issue, and to get their consultation they have to fill out a form on our website. On that form, we screen for specific questions that are used to determine whether or not they are a valid SSD lead, and where the person is located. If they meet the criteria for a valid SSD Lead, we route their information to our law firm partner in that state to follow up. You are only billed when you get valid SSD leads that meet the criteria below, provide valid contact info, and are in your area.

All inquiries are sent to you directly via email and text message, in real time:

  • Must be Social Security / Disability cases ONLY
  • Must have actively seeking counsel / And NOT currently represented by counsel
  • Must give detailed contact information required (Name, City, Zip, Phone, E-Mail etc.)
  • Must be between age 30 and 64 (Roughly 75% are over the age of 50)
  • Must state they will be out of work for a year or more
  • Must give description of disability

High Quality Customer Service:

Our SSD Leads, just like all our legal leads, are backed by the most responsive customer service team in the industry. We are incredibly responsive and view all our clients as partners… your success with our SSD Leads means you’ll be a partner for a long time, so we take your success very seriously.

Sample SSD Leads:

Below are a few sample SSD leads, which show how the leads are delivered to your inbox in real time. Obvously when you purchase SSD leads from us, all the contact and personal information will be complete.

First Name: Matthew
Last Name: Dxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 508-xxx-xxxx
State: MA
Zip Code: 02019
Do you have a SSD Claim: Yes
Has an attorney: No

Comments: Type 1 Diabetes, cant stay awake. I have a glass eye so with diabetes I cant see correctly at times. Norothophy in both legs and feet so I cant stand very long. Chronic pancreatitis.

First Name: Jodie
Last Name: Bxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 512-xxx-xxxx
State: TX
Zip Code: 76527
Do you have a SSD Claim: Yes
Has an attorney: No

Comments: Broken pelvis front plate 2 screws in back to fix, headaches, sundo seizes, nurotopthey on left leg

If you could use more SSD leads to build your law practice, please contact us today to inquire about price & availability.