Convert More Injury Leads With These 5 Simple Phone Tips

Converting injury leads is not an exact science, but there are different things you can do that can help in this department. Running a law firm is a multi-faceted operation that requires your patience and effort to be centered on multiple areas at the same time. This is how one department can suffer while another excels. One department you should never let suffer is the intake department. It’s important to turn as many leads into clients as possible, and the intake team is often the face of your law firm to newcomers. In the interest of converting as many personal injury leads as possible, and putting forth the best possible image to anyone who inquires with your firm, we have put together a list of five simple phone call tips to help your firm stay competitive in the intake department.

1. Be Persistent

You need to call your leads early and often. Don’t wait days or even hours to call a new lead. People want to be contacted as soon as possible, especially when reaching out to a law firm no matter their issue. The sooner you call a new lead, the more likely it is that you will be able to make contact and speak with them before they go to a competing law firm.

You also want to contact your leads often. It doesn’t have to be multiple times per day, but a couple of times per week at the start of the relationship is a good idea. If you do not speak with them on the initial call, give them one business day and then call them again. Make sure you leave a message each time you get to the voicemail so the lead knows you are serious about hearing their case.

It’s also important to vary the contact options used when reaching out to the leads. Use any contact method provided by the lead in their submission: phone call, text message, and email. If they provided all of these methods of communication, be sure to use them to your advantage. They obviously want to speak to an attorney. Don’t let them move to a different firm because you didn’t do your best to contact them in a timely manner.

2. Be a Good Listener

In what seems like an obvious tip, always be a good listener. When you decide it’s time to contact a new lead you need to stop everything else you are doing and give them your undivided attention. Don’t even divert your focus by taking notes on the phone. Listen more than you talk during the initial phone call. Ask questions if you are unsure of what they are describing and offer sincere condolences if they are calling you after the death of a loved one. You want the lead to feel like they are being listened to and are part of the family at all times. As soon as you end the call, you can write down a few notes about it so you have something to reference the next time you speak.

3. Ask Good Questions

We touched on it briefly in the above section, but you should always ask good questions when on the phone with a new lead. Don’t ask a question simply to ask a question. Every question you ask should be pertinent and help show the lead how much you care about them and the situation they are explaining. It’s highly likely that they are contacting you at a down point in their life, especially if you are a personal injury or wrongful death attorney. The best questions to ask are those that help to uncover the hesitations of the injury lead. Find out what happened, why they are reaching out to a lawyer, and what they want to get out of working with you.

4. Have Compassion – These are INJURY Leads

Again, another tip for making a phone call that seems to be stating the obvious is to have compassion. You need to show compassion to the lead at all times. If you run a personal injury firm you will be hearing from people who have either suffered an injury themselves or are calling for a loved one who has been injured.

You will receive leads from all types of injury cases including work comp leads, car accident leads, slip and falls, medical malpractice, birth injuries and many others. Each different case will involve varying levels of compassion, but always make sure you show some form of it when speaking with every lead. Don’t make the lead feel as if they are just another client or just another number.

5. “Always Be Closing” Goes For Injury Leads Too!

Finally, always be closing. Every call you make to a new lead should involve you making efforts to close the deal. How do you close a deal with a new lead? The first part would be getting the lead to agree to a consultation by scheduling an appointment. Don’t let the call end until the lead has been added to your schedule.

You don’t have to be forceful or overbearing, especially since most of your leads will come from people who have been injured in an accident. You simply need to express your concern about their situation, explain what you can do for them, and encourage them to schedule a consultation. Let them know that the sooner you meet, the sooner you can begin building a case that helps them receive compensation for their injuries.

As you can see, the five tips provided in this post are simple, yet very effective. In order to convert more leads into clients for your law firm you need to utilize all five tips each time you call a lead or contact them via any other method of communication. You can’t afford to let any leads slip through the cracks because it can lead to poor word-of-mouth to other potential clients. Contact your leads early and often via phone, text, and email to show your interest, concern, and compassion about their situation.