How Pay Per Lead Personal Injury Programs Differ from Other Forms of Advertising

When it comes to running a personal injury law firm, you spend plenty of time meeting with clients, investigating claims, collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses and representing clients in court or negotiation meetings. It can be difficult to find time to acquire new clients. Where do you begin? Do you use a pay per lead personal injury service to get prospective clients who might have been injured in a car accident? Or, do you spend money from your marketing/advertising budget to get your firm’s name out to the public?

The traditional methods used by law firms include television advertising, radio ads, billboards, newspaper/magazine ads and pay-per-click advertising online. But, there is another method that has proven more successful than those traditional methods and it is a pay per lead program. Let’s take a look at why a pay per lead personal injury program is more successful than the traditional advertising methods and how it differs from them in today’s post.

What is a Pay Per Lead Personal Injury Program?

A pay per lead personal injury program is exactly what it sounds like: you pay per lead acquired by your firm. These programs have been around for years now and are truly taking off in popularity compared to spending money on traditional advertising methods. Why? A law firm simply has to pay for the personal injury leads they want from a third party company, rather than trying to figure out all the intricacies of buying ad space on television or in print, doing SEO, social media, or managing a digital ad spend. For a flat fee per qualified lead, a legal lead generation company will take on the risks and work associated, and will sell you the end result – the qualified lead.

How Does a Pay Per Lead Personal Injury Program Work?

So, how does a pay per lead personal injury program work? These programs are quite simple. Your law firm signs up with a third party lead generating company, pays the required fee, and then receives the qualified leads from the third party company. The third party lead generation company will find leads using the following formula:

  • Prospective legal clients search for a lawyer and complete a form that requests a consultation with a personal injury attorney on a website run by the third party
  • The third party company then uses a 10-point screening process to determine the validity of the lead, which removes frees up your firm’s time to focus on other things
  • The third party company then submits the screened and approved leads to your law firm so you can follow up with them

It’s important to understand that there are differences in how lead generation companies charge for their leads. The majority of companies charge monthly or annually. Then, there’s PinPoint Legal Marketing. We charge our clients based on qualified, verified leads as they are delivered and not on the promise that a lead will be delivered. We work to find the best leads for your firm and deliver them to you. There is no obligation on the side of the lead to sign with your firm and if they do, your firm gets to keep 100% of the fees generated.

Why Work with PinPoint Legal Marketing?

If you are looking to hire a lead generation company, why should you work with PinPoint Legal Marketing? Some of the reasons why we should be your first choice include the following:

  • Transparency: You will only be charged for qualified personal injury, workers comp, or auto accident leads that you receive. There are reports available that show delivered leads, billing, and the leads that have been credited as valid returns.
  • Focus: We focus on only a few areas of law for lead generation, which provides you with only the best MVA, personal injury, and work comp leads.
  • Flexibility: Our business model is very flexible because we only work with a small number of law firms. We aim to work with firms that will stay with us for years. We are responsive on returns and even offer small introductory orders without a contract.
  • Exclusivity: We provide one lead to one law firm, not the same lead to multiple law firms. This prevents your competitors from beating you to contacting the lead and claiming them as a client. We like to work with just one law firm per practice area per territory.

A Final Word

The decision to work with a legal lead generation company is one only you can make for your law firm. It’s good to know that your advertising dollars are being spent wisely when doing so. There’s only so many leads you can generate when advertising on TV, radio, in newspapers or on billboards. You want to work with a company that will do all of the legwork to find leads for you so all you need to do is follow up once the leads have finally been delivered.

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