How People Search For A Personal Injury Lawyer

How Do People Search For a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Car crash, slip and fall, pedestrian accident—whatever the form an accident takes, how a potential client searches for a personal injury lawyer is probably a lot different than you think. Personal injury law is an extremely competitive field and the bigger the city, the more competition you have. Getting in front of the right people at the right time is everything, and also easier than you think.

How People Find Their Personal Injury Lawyer


While word of mouth will always remain a small percentage of how you will get your next client, it’s a really difficult thing to build a consistent client flow strategy around.  Keep up the work you do to have positive client and professional relationships that will lead to referrals but don’t rest on this strategy alone.


Great reviews are always a pillar of trust and reliability that a potential client will look for, and potentially base their ultimate hiring decision on. Reviews are something you should solicit for multiple platforms from every happy client, vendor and even employee you have. A consistent dedication to getting lots of high-quality reviews is a strategy that will bring you direct clients.


Everything from your success record to the high-quality content on your site to how you handle the initial consultation serves to build your authority in the practice area you work in. Your website and other online writings should show a strong legal authority in every practice area you are taking cases for.

The Most Common Way People Search For a Personal Injury Lawyer….


Here’s the good news– your referrals, reviews and authority are things that you can and should be constantly working on, and at little cost to you. However, in order for you to show off why you should be the personal injury lawyer for a potential client, you have to get found and that can be a difficult, long and expensive process depending on which organic and paid marketing route you take.

When it’s motivated personal injury lead, they are looking to get informed about their injuries, their potential case, and the best legal option for them. Some examples of these types of “hot lead” searches include things like How much is whiplash worth?,” “Best slip and fall lawyer in Los Angeles,” and “How long do I have to file a car accident lawsuit?”

What Shows Up When You Do A Search For A Personal Injury Attorney?

These are the types of searches you want to get your firm in front of but, here’s what usually shows up in those top search results:

  • Expensive ad spots
  • Organic competitors who have probably been investing in SEO for many years.
  • Lawyer directories (i.e. FindLaw, Avvo, etc)
  • Yelp & other
  • Lead generation landing pages

Bottom line: your potential personal injury clients both need and value what you have to offer, but they need to find you first and sitting on the seventh page of Google for a search usually won’t get you there. You have a few options, most of which require both patience and deep pockets, but using a personal injury lead generation company can give you a quick jumpstart on your case acquisition without all the time, commitment, and investment as SEO, PPC, or expensive directory listings.