How do Personal Injury Attorneys Get Clients?

Hard as it might be to believe, becoming a skilled personal injury attorney is one of the easier aspects of growing your personal injury law firm. We’ve had dozens of calls, usually fro smart, capable attorneys who are losing business to a savvy marketer and asking “How do personal injury attorneys get clients online when they’ve only been around a couple of years?”. The most challenging part for these PI attorneys is finding a steady stream of personal injury case leads to keep you in business. Some research shows that only 7% of attorneys work in personal injury, but sometimes it seems as if there is competition on every corner.

The good news is that you can build a growing personal injury practice by following a few simple guidelines to find clients. Keep reading to learn more.

Focus Personal Injury Marketing Dollars On What Drives Conversions

These days, there are a few areas that it is not recommended to spend your personal injury marketing dollars on. First of all, forget about the Yellow Pages. No one looks at phone books anymore; any searches that are done are on the computer or smart phone.

On a similar note, young lawyers also can waste a lot of money on radio and billboard ads. These advertisements target people driving in their cars, but it is rare that people will be able to write down the phone number.

Generally, do not spend money on advertising unless results can be measured in terms of what you spent vs. what you earned

Optimize Your Website For Legal Lead Generation

Instead of spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV ads, consider optimizing your website to a small, qualified number of possible clients in certain personal injury niches. Why?

Because a recent marketing survey found that when people are looking for professionals service providers, more than 80% go to the company website, or use Google. In personal injury, it especially makes sense that people will search online; personal injury is a private matter that many would prefer to handle on their own without others knowing.

To attract people who are looking online for an attorney for a car accident, it is wise to make your website as content-rich as possible. This can be done with online blog posts that answer common questions that potential clients have about personal injury. Research bears out that this is valuable: It has been found that the more lawyers blog, the more clients they get. Research indicates that it is best to blog at least two or three times per week, but lawyers who blog daily were able to get legal clients.

How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get Clients? Blogging early and often.

If you do not have the time to blog that much, consider hiring a content writer to write your blogs for you. Longer articles are better with 2,000 to 3,000 words getting the best results today.

Specialize In Personal Injury Law

Many new lawyers who want to get business from their site will feature many different practice areas. They will say that they handle everything from plane crashes to consumer bankruptcy to workers comp. This is understandable, but consider going in the opposite direction: specialize.

By selecting a niche area, such as pedestrian accidents, you can give the impression that you are a focused, specialty legal practice. Plus, having a niche legal practice makes it easier to do marketing. A niche such as auto accidents can be a good focus because these cases tend to have a higher level of injuries, and the number of auto accidents is growing each year.

Give Referrals to Other Lawyers

Building your own personal referral network can generate high quality personal injury cases, and it costs almost nothing. A new personal injury attorney should build relationships with various other businesses and attorneys. Ask them to refer you, and you do the same for them. You can get things going by giving a referral yourself to another business person or company.

It also is smart to have a link on your site about referrals. It should explain why other attorneys should refer clients to you. Also explain how you pay referral fees. There are many attorneys who have built big personal injury practices by networking with attorneys at large companies who are happy to give out personal injury referrals.

Still Asking How Your Law Firm Can Get More Personal Injury Clients?

If you follow some of these simple tips, you should be able to increase the number of qualified leads your personal injury practice receives. If you’d like to become a part of our network and start receiving a steady flow of personal injury or auto accident leads please contact us today for a free consultation.

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