How Lawyers Get Personal Injury Case Leads

If you are a personal injury lawyer or run a law firm, surely it is one of your top priorities to get new business, new clients and sign more cases. In order to sustain a legal practice, attorneys must be constantly generating new opportunities and retaining clients. Finding and locking down new personal injury case leads is tough these days since there is lots of competition, as clients turn to the internet to search for someone to help them. The good news is that there are people searching for attorneys online, if you know where to find them. This is where a personal injury lead generation company comes in.

Why Use a Personal Injury Lead Generation Company?

Many PI firms waste their marketing dollars on campaigns that may or may not deliver actual, qualified personal injury referrals or case leads. Marketing and lead generation of new personal injury case leads is complicated and challenging, even for firms who seem to have successful brand marketing. Executing lead generation around the clock, consistently, and successfully, the traditional way or even with SEO or online advertising campaigns can take serious work with no guaranteed turn around.

Unlike other forms of marketing, a personal injury lead generation company can offer lead generation strategies are able to stipulate the region or area you wish to target, alone with the type of audience, the desired volume, so you are paying for actual personal injury leads. Due to this growing demand for a separate company to perform this task for law firms, over the past few years, many legal lead generation companies have popped up trying to offer leads to law firms. This can be a very useful service to have, if done properly.

The problem however, is that most lead generation companies are unable to differentiate personal injury leads from other leads. Very few firms specialize in personal injury lead generation itself. You might end up with medical malpractice or workers comp leads, and have no one at the firm who can handle those types of cases. This ability to extract the new personal injury case opportunities specifically is very important, as it can affect how your costs and more importantly, the results of your marketing campaign. This causes wasted marketing for you in money and also time, not to mention people are left without help, if the lawyers don’t handle their specific cases.

You need a legal lead gen company that specializes specifically in generating high quality injury leads. This will be the most effective use of your company and employee time, the best way to turn a potential client into a client, increase your firm’s workload, and the best way for you to continue to find new leads, every day, with the same money you would have otherwise spent on traditional marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Pinpoint Legal Marketing?

Pinpoint Legal Marketing has been generating high-quality personal injury leads since 2015. If you run a law firm or you are an attorney looking to purchase personal injury leads, you have come to the right place. Purchasing legal leads is an easy and efficient way for your firm to supplement your current marketing campaigns. There is no need to pay an excessive amount for legal marketing, whether it be paid search campaigns or other, more traditional, forms of advertising. Personal Injury leads, more specifically – qualified, interested people who are searching for representation, in your area, will be sent to your firm.

Here are some of the top benefits of Pinpoint Legal Marketing’s personal injury lead campaigns:

  • We focus on personal injury lead generation. That means all our energy and resources goes into getting you the highest quality personal injury leads possible. We delve deep into a few specifics of personal injury to get you prime leads.
  • Our leads are 100% exclusive. The lead will go to one law firm per inquiry. This means you will not have competition with the leads we give you.
  • With all our law firm partners, we strive to cultivate a strong, lasting relationship, with open communication, responsiveness, and of course, the quality personal injury legal leads you want.
  • We offer transparency and real time reporting, so you can see when qualified personal injury leads are delivered and when we bill.
  • Firms with big budgets can buy the higher converting leads and spend less time having to vet the prospective client. Smaller firms with smaller budgets can expand their reach and get more cases that they may have to vet, but for less money.
  • Our leads are cultivated using the most updated, cutting-edge, digital advertising strategies which then allow us to secure and share with your firm. The quality of the leads you will be sent is of the highest quality, as far as qualified leads per your specifications and standards.

If you practice Personal Injury, contact us today at 866-205-4877 to see how we can help increase your intake of any of the above types of personal injury cases.

Types of Personal Injury Case Leads

At Pinpoint Legal Marketing, we separate our personal injury leads into 3 distinct categories: General PI, Auto Accident, and Workers Comp. We do not do any medical malpractice. Our proven marketing campaigns can generate quality PI and auto accident leads for you from any of the following types of personal injury cases. If you are interested in speaking to individuals seeking representation for any of the below, contact us today.

If you run a law firm, every single day that you are not utilizing a legal lead generating company is a day you are missing out on prime opportunities. There are currently millions of personal injury cases and clients searching for personal injury representation in your area. These potential clients are looking for an established attorney or firm to help them take their claim to court or negotiate a fair settlement.

There are an astounding amount of auto accidents, slips and falls, animal bites, and product liabilities in the USA every year, many in the millions, many of these right in your area. These personal injury case leads are waiting for you, with cases of theirs that need qualified lawyers to help them negotiate a settlement or head to court. We will have you speaking with prospects that will turn into clients.

Get More Personal Injury Case Leads With PinPoint Legal Marketing

At Pinpoint Legal Marketing, we would love to help you grow your law practice. Please touch base with us to learn more about pricing and availability of legal leads in your area. We offer auto accident, slip and fall, defective product, product liability, animal bite and other personal injury leads nationwide. If you are interested in increasing your firm’s caseload with personal injury leads, give us a call today at 866-205-4877 to speak with a Pinpoint Legal Marketing representative. Or you can send us an email at to find out more about our personal injury leads in your area today.