Legal Lead Generation Post Covid-19 – Finding Opportunity In Crisis

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy only when others are fearful.”

~Warren Buffett

At the risk of sounding obvious… there’s clearly no shortage of fear and uncertainty in the world right now. This fear is causing millions of business owners to shut down, scale back, or otherwise rethink how they do business. Law firms are, and should be, no different. But how we approach and adaptability to the current crisis we’re all facing is going to have far reaching effects that will persevere long after the virus has subsided. The world of legal lead generation is no different. 

While many law firms are pulling back on their advertising and refusing to see clients, others are thriving – advertising in new markets because there’s a lack of competition, getting their intake staff familiar with zoom meetings and phone based intake, getting retainers executed via docusign, and using other tools that make it possible not only to operate in the midst of a shutdown, but to grow and thrive in it.

We all know that generating quality legal leads is one of the most competitive undertakings a law firm can tackle. Now that competition is dwindling. As a legal lead generation company we’ve spoken to thousands of law firms over the years, I know a lot of them have deep hesitations about doing business without face to face meetings, which has hampered their ability to expand their geographic market. Now this is no longer a debatable option, but a fact of life. Those who adapt can and will find a ton of opportunity to expand, and those that can’t will probably face hard times to come.

Personal Injury Lead Generation Post Covid:

It’s more than possible to thrive in a tough economy, and the most nimble companies find a way to use it to their advantage. At PinPoint Legal Marketing, we are actually seeing an influx of personal injury leads over the past 2-3 weeks. This may be due to people being stuck at home with more time, people needing money more than they had and as a result deciding to try and get compensation for their injury, or whatever the case may be, but the fact remains that there are still A LOT of people out there who have been injured and are looking for qualified local firms to help them get a fair car accident settlement amount.

New Legal Leads Available For Bankruptcy Attorneys

Also, in the interest of finding opportunity –  we have officially launched a new practice area – Bankruptcy Leads for Attorneys. With a record number of people out of work, the stock markets collapsing and a ton of people receiving medical help that they won’t be able to pay for, this is almost inevitably going to be a practice area that sees renewed interest and volume in the coming months and years. While the circumstances surrounding this are incredibly heartbreaking, this is the reality we’re living through, there are going to be millions that need help, filing chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies,  and we’re going to need qualified lawyers to help them do so. 

If you’re one of the “how can we take this rough hand we’ve all been dealt and use it to our advantage” firms, let’s talk about how we can help you take advantage of this opportunity. 

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