Personal Injury Marketing For Lawyers: Explain The Contingency Fee Model

Working as an attorney is far from an easy profession. From years of studying to working your way up the ladder to become a partner to venturing out on your own; the blood, sweat, and tears you pour into your career will be immense. It’s important to paint yourself in as strong of a light as possible when it comes to the public, and explaining how you charge fees will help you get more clients. Sadly, not a lot of companies doing personal injury marketing for lawyers understand this, or take the time to discuss it with their law firm clients.

It’s a shame, but many members of the public instantly think that they will be hit with high retainer fees and high hourly fees when they work with an attorney. For most personal injury attorneys this is not the case. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. If your client doesn’t get paid, they don’t get paid. You will be able to convert more personal injury leads by explaining the contingency fee model used at your firm.

Offer a Clear Explanation Early and Often

The best thing you can do for your lead conversion is to offer a clear explanation of your contingency fee policy early and often. Whether you are contacting a lead via email or phone, you need to explain to them upfront how your fee schedule works. Let them know they will not have to pay a retainer, nor will they have to pay hourly fees if they secure your services after being injured in any type of accident. Tell them that you will only get paid if you are successful in representing them in their injury claim against the at-fault party.

Stressing a Strong Partnership with the Client Is Key To Successful Personal Injury Marketing For Lawyers

Another way to improve your personal injury marketing effectiveness is to stress a strong partnership with the client. Talk to them about your history, successful cases similar to their own, and explain that you truly empathize with their situation. Let them get a feeling and understanding that you want to build a partnership with them in their fight for compensation and that they will never be left to fight for their rights alone.

Too many people believe that attorneys are in their profession for the wrong reasons. You need to shed this stigma and show new leads that you are compassionate, work only for their best interests, and want to see them receive the compensation they deserve so they can pay their medical bills and avoid going into debt while out of work.

Mutual Interests

Personal injury attorneys who work on contingency have mutual interests with their clients. This is an excellent selling point when it comes time to convert a new lead into a client. These interests don’t have to be solely related to the case, either. Get to know the prospective client by asking about their life, their interests, and find a shared interest you can discuss. This will make them achieve a level of comfort with you that helps them open up about their situation and what happened.

Aside from discussing personal interests, you need to align yourself with the client and their interests when it comes to the case. The prospective client will eventually explain to you that they need money to pay their medical bills, to cover their lost wages, and get compensation for the pain & suffering they’ve had to endure since being injured in the accident. They will want to work with an attorney who understands their plight and who wants to hold the at-fault party responsible for their actions.

Make it known how the goal of your practice is to seek justice for those who have been injured, rather than just milking the clock. This will show the prospective lead that you are more concerned about the outcome of their case than you are with charging them retainer fees or high hourly rates.

The Final Word on Personal Injury Marketing For Lawyers

Explaining the contingency fee policy of your personal injury firm will make it easier for prospective clients to become comfortable with you, and is a key part of personal injury marketing for lawyers. It will also help improve your lead conversion efforts as more leads will understand that they don’t have to open their wallets and hand over large sums of money to be represented by your firm. You need to make all of your leads trust you, feel comfortable talking with you, and believe that you will be successful with their case.

Many prospective personal injury clients will simply sign with your firm when you tell them that they will not receive a bill until they achieve a successful outcome. There are others who will be more difficult to persuade, which is why it’s important to align your interests with theirs, discuss the contingency policy early and often, and stress that you are building a partnership with the client while representing them.