13 May: How To Get Personal Injury Clients

If you are a personal injury lawyer or run a law firm, surely it is one of your top priorities to get new business, new clients and sign more cases. In order to sustain a legal practice, attorneys must be constantly generating new opportunities and retaining clients. Finding and locking down new personal injury clients is tough these days since there is lots of competition, as clients turn to the internet to search for someone to sign.

13 May: How Much Do Personal Injury Leads Cost?

To sustain and grow your personal injury practice, it is vital to obtain new case leads regularly. There are a number of legal lead generation companies that provide new client leads to law firms. Below is more information about personal injury lead generation companies, how much they cost, and related information.

10 May: How do Personal Injury Attorneys get Clients?

Hard as it might be to believe, become a skilled personal injury attorney is one of the easier aspects of growing your personal injury law firm. The most challenging part is finding a steady stream of clients to keep you in business. Some research shows that only 7% of attorneys work in personal injury, but sometimes it seems as if there is competition on every corner.