13 May: Should You Text Internet Leads In Addition To Calling?

Technology is always changing the ways that attorneys do business. Years ago, email, phone calls and letters were the major ways to communicate with potential personal injury leads. But today, it is common for attorneys to get a person’s cell phone number as their major point of contact. So now that you have the person’s cell phone number, should you be texting the lead, calling the lead, or both?

13 May: MVA Leads

Motor Vehicle Accident, or MVA Leads, are typically the best way for a personal injury law firm to purchase third party leads, for a few reasons discussed below. For purposes of this article, we’ll assume workers compensation leads are in a category by themselves, although some lead generation companies do group workers compensation leads in with personal injury.

13 May: How To Get Personal Injury Clients

If you are a personal injury lawyer or run a law firm, surely it is one of your top priorities to get new business, new clients and sign more cases. In order to sustain a legal practice, attorneys must be constantly generating new opportunities and retaining clients. Finding and locking down new personal injury clients is tough these days since there is lots of competition, as clients turn to the internet to search for someone to sign.

13 May: How Much Do Personal Injury Leads Cost?

To sustain and grow your personal injury practice, it is vital to obtain new case leads regularly. There are a number of legal lead generation companies that provide new client leads to law firms. Below is more information about personal injury lead generation companies, how much they cost, and related information.